About Us


Anti-Gravity Gaming was first formed back in 2007 and was created as nothing more than a forum for a few friends to talk about games. Shortly after, the owner and founder, Ryan ‘LemonHunter’ Sattell, began writing about gaming news. As he had no previous journalism experience, he just wrote as a normal person would, in a fun and interesting way to read. This grew bigger as time went on with others helping with the contribution of news articles and the website began to bring in more traffic.


At the beginning of 2010, the website took up a new name, Anti-Gravity Gaming Network, as well as a new domain to accommodate for a change in its path. Continuing to write the laid back style of journalism, AGGN eventually got the interest of some developers and manufacturers which enabled them to provide more up to date and intensive reviews of the latest games and hardware available on the market.

At the beginning of 2011, Ryan ‘LemonHunter’ Sattell decided to make AGGN his fulltime commitment and running the website as a fully fledged business. While the times have been tough, AGGN still push forward to be the leading source of gaming news for Australia and hope to change the face of gaming and how the general public view it.