About Us


Anti-Gravity Gaming Network started as nothing more than a hobby. We loved gaming and we wanted to share that passion with others. Without any professional training in journalism, Ryan ‘LemonHunter’ Sattell started writing news pieces and reviews of games that he owned for his friends to read. Learning as he went from trial and error, AGGN moved through a lot of different phases, growing to the magazine/store it is today.

There are two sides to AGGN. The online store to fulfill all of your nerdy requirements with collectables and memorabillia from everything geeky from pop culture to video games. There is also the digital magazine that releases monthly, available for free to all readers.

The store is aimed to bring people together over their mutual love for all things geeky. It’s not just a place to buy figures and collectables, it’s a community of like-minded people sharing stories and their passion.

The magazine is the place to read the latest gaming news, reviews and opinion pieces from our team of talented writers. They aren’t just journalists, they are gamers. We don’t care about making that click-bait article to get a few extra readers, or posting something contriversal just to ruffle some feathers, we care about video games. We care about what new games are coming out, how they play, as well as the industry and the community.