World of Tanks 360 Beta Preview


I’ve never been the greatest PC gamer, don’t get me wrong I enjoy it but I’ve always been more at home playing on a console rather than a PC. A little while ago I was introduced to the free to play World of Tanks MMO for PC and as much as I enjoyed it I was excited to hear about its upcoming release for the 360 and recently took the opportunity to check out World of Tanks beta on 360.

One thing that is always a concern when a game crosses platforms is if the port will be as good as the original or just a cut down copy. In this case the 360 version in my opinion is just as good as the PC version. The same system that allows for flexible upgrades and vehicle/weapon development remains the same as the PC version as does the range of vehicles available to choose from. You can still choose from the lighter but faster and more maneuverable tanks, the all purpose medium tanks, the larger juggernaut style heavy tanks and even the long range artillery tanks. Each has their own pros and cons and the best bet is to pick the tank that best suits your playing style and then work with your team to take out the opposition.

Controlling the tanks with the 360 controller is very well laid out and felt very intuitive, however on a few occasions I did experience a little bit of apparent confusion between my commands and what the tank decided to do, but given that this is a beta the occasional glitch can be forgiven.

The maps available during the beta seem to be a great size to get players introduced to the game, with them being big enough to allow all the vehicle classes to be used and give the player an opportunity to test them all out and get a feel for what play style they might prefer. Another great feature was the environment and its impact on the vehicles, with inclines and mud serving to slow or impede the tank and using houses, trees and even bushes as cover to try an get a few shots off at your enemy without taking damage or being spotted.


As with the PC version it appears that the same micro transaction system will be put into place to aid players to upgrade their tanks faster however this is not something that it needed to enjoy the game and you can easily play and upgrade along the way without having to spend a single cent.

One thing I do see as a bit of a missed opportunity is the lack of cross play between the PC and 360 version. I think this would be a great opportunity see some fantastic PC vs Console tournaments. Some people have complained that the targeting on the controller is not a precise as on the PC due to it being controlled by analogue sticks rather than a mouse however as a primarily console gamer it seemed fine to me.


World of Tanks is a fantastic team-based massively multiplayer online action game from the team at and is dedicated to armoured warfare using tanks of the second world war era. This game is well worth checking out on either PC or 360, especially for those who are fans of vehicle combat or seeking something different from the usual shoot em up. I for one cannot wait for the full version to be released for console.