Stupidity Pays Out, Free Xbox One for Stupid Teen


Some of you may have heard about the 19 year old teenager from the United Kingdom who paid $750 for an Xbox One on eBay, which turned out to be just a picture (it was even ADVERTISED as a photo of the Xbox One, not the console, which he even admitted to reading and still went forward with the purchase).

Well, his stupidity paid off, Peter Clatworthy received a free Xbox One from retailer CEx on Saturday, in addition to the Xbox One, he also received a full refund thanks to PayPal’s buyer protection guidelines.

Personally I say yay for him, strictly because now his four year old son who he was buying the Xbox One for originally is going to have a super awesome Christmas but what do you guys think about this story? Should he have been given a free Xbox?

If you’d like to read the previous article from The Nottingham Post, you can find it here.