Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Open World RPG


Indie studio War Horse have announced their debut title, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, headed for PC and next gen consoles in 2015.

Kingdom Come will be set in the grit of the medieval era, an open world RPG with no monsters or magic or any kind of fantasy element at all. The new RPG will include a non-linear story line, and first person combat including large battles, castle sieges and horseback combat.

As players traverse expansive, strikingly detailed locales, they’ll grapple with a range of period- accurate fighting techniques, horseback combat, open-field sieges, and large-scale battles, all while developing relationships and a reputation that will inform the greater story. Kingdom Come: Deliverance promises no magic, high fantasy or mythical overtones – it draws it’s inspiration instead from historically authentic characters, themes, and warfare.

I’m pretty darn excited for this one, as much as I love fantasy style RPG’s, I think it’s going to be really refreshing playing something more on the historical side of things. Although the trailer really doesn’t give us much at this point, I’m excited to keep an eye open on the journey of this game.

What do you guys think? Yay or nay for no fantasy aspect? Let us know in the comments below!

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