Hyrule Warriors: The upcoming hack’n’slash from Nintendo


In a bold move, Nintendo have announced their plans for the next line of Nintendo games, one of which will be the latest addition to the Zelda family. The Legend of Zelda titles hold a special place in many of our hearts, and apparently Robin Williams’ as well, and we already knew that Nintendo were working on a new headline Zelda game to feature on the Wii U. As surprising as this announcement is, unconfirmed reports have it that this game is NOT that super-secret title which is in the works. So if it isn’t that, what is Hyrule Warriors?

The new title is a 3D hack’n’slash which we can assume is to be set in Hyrule. In the trailer above, it seems like the gist of the game is pretty clear. It is clearly played on a contained/arena type setting, and has Link, fighting hordes of enemies. In said trailer, we have appearances from enemies like the vicious Dodongo, which could be potentially positioned as Boss stages. Nintendo are working with Tecmo Koei in the development for this game, and this is interesting, since we can certainly see some Dynasty Warriors influences present in Hyrule Warriors, such as the combat system.

Hyrule really needs to get a hold of some "sword-control" laws

Hyrule really needs to get a hold of some “sword-control” laws

Unless there is something Nintendo are keeping under wraps, the game doesn’t seem to be too complex. This kind of backs up that thought that Hyrule Warriors isn’t that super-fantastic-amazing-secret title we’ve heard rumours of. That’s probably a good thing as well, as this game doesn’t seem to be aiming to surpass games like Skyward Sword or Twilight Princess. One thing you may want to note is that “Hyrule Warriors” is not the final name for the game, but still hints a few surprises may be in store for us. The name insinuates that the game won’t strictly speaking revolve around Link, which means that we could be seeing a multi-player mode, and the use of a variety of characters, such as a Link/Sheik team up.

One thing is to be sure, this game is sure to be a step in the right direction for Nintendo, who seem to be keen to innovate their old franchises. I’m excited about this, and you should be as well. If you want to stay updated, keep tabs on Nintendo’s Youtube, their Facebook or their Homepage