Claims The PS4 Has Already Been Hacked


We all knew it would happen eventually, But perhaps this is much sooner than anyone would have thought IF reports are in fact real.

A hacker that goes by the name of “Reckz0r” has posted a Pastebin which would open the floodgates of piracy for the newest console and bring with it a magnitude of legal battles for Sony.

“Mr Reckz0r” has posted what he claims to be a Twitter conversation between himself and Sony.


Of course this is not the first time Sony has had to deal with piracy issues, with the likes of the mentioned George “GeoHot” Hotz lawsuit, it would be a safe bet that Sony have a team of lawyers just waiting to make their move.

What do you think of the news? Is Reckz0r right to have hacked the system or do you think he should be make an example of? Let me know in the comments.