World of Warcraft Movie Gets Official Release Date


Blizzard Entertainment, in conjunction with Legendary Pictures and Universal Pictures, has finally announced an official release date for the highly anticipated and ambitious World of Warcraft movie.

It is set for release December 18, 2015, is being directed by Duncan Jones, the director of Moon, and it might star Colin Farrell… Other than that, nothing is really known about it.


First announced back in 2006, but hit many a roadblock mainly due to Blizzard’s extreme over-protection of the Warcraft franchise and this was the reason that the original director, Sam Rami, left the project.

Blizzard have a very close eye on the script and are keeping it under lock and key to avoid any spoilers or leaks getting out, so still no idea if it will involve the old characters or storylines we loved or introduce a whole bunch of new ones.


But, something keeps bugging me about all this. Is it just me, or does 2015 seem a bit late for Blizzard to be bothering about this film? In my opinion, World of Warcraft is already on its last legs and is losing a big chuck of its player base, by 2015 no one other than the diehard fans are going to care anymore. If this had have been released about 5 years ago, back when I still played WoW religiously and had a strict day-to-day raiding/daily routine, I would be all over this film!!

Now though, it just seems to be a case of too-little too-late.