Table-Top Weekly: Infinity is Awesome!


Now it’s been a while… again… but I’m back with the newest edition of Table-Top Weekly! Not Tuesday anymore, but just any day I get hold of something worth talking about.

I have been waiting and waiting for my Infinity gear to arrive and FINALLY I have my Nomads assembled and ready to paint!


How pretty they are and it feels so good to have metal in my hands again. I do miss it over the newer Finecast from Games Workshop; while the detail on Finecast is outstanding it just isn’t the same. And even if they weren’t metal, these models are just amazing.

I am actually super keen to get painting too as these will be the first true-scale models I will have painted (except for a handful of Lord of the Rings models). Compared to most of the GW range, which have enlarged hands, faces etc. these are very close to scale, details and features are tiny and will test all my painting skills.

Now, I really have no idea how well these models will actually perform on the table-top considering the only weapons I have are Combi-Rifles and a one Spitfire, but I picked these models purely for cosmetic reasons. So I’m sure everyone is looking forward to me getting absolutely destroyed in my first game.


That’s about it for now though, I will get an update of Infinity as a whole next week when I get some more info on it.


In other news, not long until the opening of Games Workshop: Hobart! A friend of mine is the manager there, so head over to the Facebook page and give it a Like, or if you live in Hobart, pop down this Saturday for the grand-opening!