EVE Online: Reclaim the universe with Rubicon


The wonderful guys and gals over at CCP have decided that it’s time to break free from the Empires with EVE Online: Rubicon. The announcement of their latest update to EVE Online, perhaps the most ambitious Sci-Fi MMO on the market, is poised to take pilots on a whole new journey in the realm of New Eden.

Its not often that an MMO team makes all the right choices, but the team over at CCP have consistently taken EVE above and beyond. EVE is an incredibly in depth MMO, providing an experience that just doesn’t exist elsewhere. In my opinion it is the Sci-Fi experience to end all others. The title has made a lot of progress in recent updates and Rubicon is set to be the most ambitious yet, which is fitting for a title of this calibre.

Rubicon puts players/pilots on the path of dissidence, by reducing the need that players currently have on the various Empires. Guerilla tactics are just one of the changes to warfare that will add a whole new level to combat, as well as the ability to deploy temporary mobile structures. The ships of New Eden are due in for a service, and balancing will be on the agenda as always.

These changes and many more are on the list of improvements to the Eve universe,  be sure to tune in to the Rubicon Page for any further updates, as well as  the announcement video.