Duck Quacks – An Introduction


G’day guys, Duck here with something different than the traditional news or review(sorry for the bad title). So this is the time to close the browser if that’s all you were looking for, as this will not go over any gaming news or reviews other than what games I have been playing this week. Well the sub title says introduction so let me go ahead and introduce what I plan on doing with this weekly segment. I, like many people now days have fallen into the pattern of no longer exercising and eating right since leaving school. Don’t get me wrong I have always been bad when it comes to what I am eating, but I use to enjoy playing sports and going to my martial arts training which kept me from falling into the section of being completely unfit.

I have basically got to the stage of having completely no cardio skills what so ever, I have been getting puffed after a slight run or jog with the dogs or just running down to the shed at my parents house to go fetch something. I’ve always been a big guy so I wasn’t really seeing the signs of my weight problem, as I always thought “well at least I can still run around and keep up in sports” but with the graduation of high school and going into my university studies in Software Engineering, there was really no need for me to take any sort of physical education class and with getting my car I didn’t even need to walk to bus stops and would start to tell my fiancé lets just drive instead if the walk was going to be over 20 minutes.

I have become side tracked as I haven’t even explained what this is yet. Basically this is my weekly blog on my life and my quest on becoming healthier and losing weight. I have at different stages of my life tried to diet or completely go into an exercise overload, but with my lack of will when it came to change as I was complacent with who I was and how I weighed. This time though I am feeling much worse than I ever have in my life and it has been affecting a lot of different parts of my mind, whether it was my laziness when it came to walking and exercising, or becoming high strung and getting my temper up a lot faster than usual. So this blog is my expression of truth to the world, whether anyone reads it or not. By writing down the facts it will simply harden my resolve to keep going. To be honest I got the idea of writing down everything to keep myself going from a podcast that my brother Paul led me too. It’s called Jay and Silent Bob Get Old and in which Jason Mews and Kevin Smith talk about Jay’s issues and his struggles with drug addiction. I have been listening to it for a while now and have always enjoyed how Jay says that if it wasn’t for the podcast every week he would probably have gotten back on drugs. I know a weight issue isn’t as bad as drugs but still the method transfers over well.

So let’s get me get it out there, I am twenty one years old and weigh a whopping one hundred and forty-three kilograms. This is the heaviest I have ever been in my life and it does make me feel extremely bad about myself. I have not liked shopping for clothes for quite some time now as it depresses me to see the size of clothing I have to buy. And on that note I would like to make a point of telling target to go !@#$ themselves with their “Mr. Big section” because I don’t feel bad enough shopping in the larger section as it is. The one person I feel most bad for is my wonderful fiancé who has to put up with my depressive moods and tempers when it comes to things. She has really put up with a lot from me and I really want to be healthier and do more fun things that she likes to do with her like going for a run with the dogs or just walking to the park, which I have not been feeling up to lately with how I have been feeling.

One of the major reasoning’s behind my sudden resolve around losing weight is the ever speeding train towards our wedding. It is one of those moments you will remember forever and tell your children about and I would like to be able to smile when I look at the wedding photos instead of focusing on the fact that I take up three quarters of the picture. The other major factor is the amount of effort and success I have been seeing in my brothers in weight loss lately. I have four older brothers who are a substantial amount older than me (12 to 18 years older) and have always been forms of role models for me in one way or another. None of them have ever been close to my size but three of them have been big enough to want to lose a substantial amount of weight. I live with one of my brothers at the moment with my fiancé and he had has success with weight loss in the past by cutting down on food and doing small simple exercises.

Then there is my brothers Kim and Paul who have worked together and followed a low carb high(ish) exercise form of lifestyle change. Kim has always been one of my fitter brothers and I never really have seen him as big in any form, but he has loss a substantial amount of weight over the past year or so that they have been doing this plan, but the biggest achievement I have seen out of my brothers is my brother Paul who has been the closest in size to me out of any of them. He also is one of the brothers I hung out with most during my high school years, as we both went to the same martial arts club (although it was my other brother David who got me into martial arts). He has lost a massive amount of weight and is almost at his goal of 80kg.

I have been reading The Four Hour Body by Timothy Ferriss, which was recommended to me by Kim and Paul (Kim pushed it a bit harder and Paul supplied the book) and it goes over lots of little tips about how small changes make a massive difference. This lead me to what I’ll be doing, which is the same lifestyle change that Kim and Paul did. The main fact that Kim has been telling me is to not think of it as a diet at all or something temporary, but as a lifestyle change which will help me become a stronger fitter person.

So I have officially started as of the 31st of August. I have officially weighted my starting weight and done my measurements and taken a starting photo which I am too uncomfortable to show at the moment (which is a good thing for your viewing pleasure). I have measured myself in multiple spots as to not be discouraged if I have not lost weight in one week or another by checking if I have lost a cm or too around the gut or something like that. I suppose I should share these numbers as well so let’s just list them here:

Waist: 140cm
Thigh: 87cm
Chest: 133cm
Calf: 52cm
Bicep: 46cm

Well hopefully I have covered everything, I probably have missed a lot of things but this post is getting quite long already. The basic format I am thinking of is to put out my new weight measurements, how I have been feeling and whether I have cheated or not. I will probably go over other thoughts as well and also will be going over a general what I have done this week and what games I have been playing.

Well if you guys have managed to make it this far down I do commend you. If you have enjoyed this little read, please leave a comment as i know it would make me feel a lot better and more committed to keep going.

Until next time, let’s see how well I go!