Castle Story – Early Access Preview


Time to have a little peak at the Steam Early Access of Castle Story, a quaint little sandbox game developed by Sauropod Studio.


I’ll get this out of the way early, since this is only an early release the game is still a bit buggy and light on content, but that doesn’t get in the way of the fun you can have building and defending your little castle.

In Castle Story you will control adorable yellow creatures called Bricktrons and send them about the land in all matter of tasks and depending on what they are doing, will fall under one of six categories: Generic Worker, Miner, Woodcutter, Builder, Archer or Knight.

castlestory (1)

Meet the Bricktron. The always depressed looking backbone of your work force.

At the moment, all you can really play is the basic Sandbox and Survival modes, while Sandbox is fairly self-explanatory Survival is where the game really shines. In Survival mode, you will race to build a castle while a timer counts down to ever increasing waves of enemies called Corruptrons. Using Knights to block the entrances to your castle and Archers sitting on the walls taking shots at the invading enemy.  I am still a bit crap at Survival because I can’t for the life of me figure out how to stop Corruptrons from spawning in the middle of my castle and killing all my workers.

One thing you will quickly learn about playing Castle Story, physics are a bitch. All of the building in this game uses fairly realistic gravity physics, so if your castle doesn’t have strong foundations and you get attacked, be prepared to watch it crumble before your eyes. All your hard work can disappear in a matter of seconds… which I have witness more than a few times.

The controls are a bit hard to get your head around to start with and are not helped by the horrible path-finding of your Bricktrons, you will constantly be helping stuck Bricktrons who decide to stop for no reason in the middle of a one brick wide path. There is also no clipping for the little yellow bastards so if they are all trying to cross the same path it will just end in a jam. However if all the Bricktrons are all involved in the same task they will pass whatever they are carrying to guy in front of them, it makes building walls and mining so much smoother.

More features are being added to the game with each update and I myself cannot wait for the multiplayer. There is currently no world editor either, so you are stuck to playing the same two maps, one for Survival and one for Sandbox.

In any case, even if it is a bit light on features, Castle Story is immensely fun and I have already lost hours building and defending my poorly designed and constructed castles.