Saints Row IV Classification Causes Incompatibility


Last week Australian fans of the outrageous series finally got some good news when it was announced that the next instalment in the series would pass classification, thanks to the removal of some “minor” content.

It has since been revealed on the Official Facebook page for the game that those modified versions will not be compatible online with the original version, meaning us unfortunate Australian fans will only be able to play online with our fellow countrymen, which in itself isn’t a problem, however, sometimes it can be refreshing to play with people from all over the globe and this change has effectively nullified those chances.

“For this version, we had to cut one optional Loyalty Mission from the game,” reads the statement. “Loyalty Missions are optional side missions that you can do with your homies. This mission in particular involves alien narcotics in the simulation, which eventually have a positive effect in terms of game play. As you cannot depict any positive effect for using narcotics in video games in Australia, this was the reason the game was refused a classification.

“While we are very proud of all our different missions, we do feel that Saints Row IV on the whole remains largely the same without this single optional mission, and we also feel that you deserve to know what you are getting in Australia. Due to the changes we were forced to make, this version is different than the version rated by rating boards like the ESRB, USK, and PEGI, which is why it will be incompatible with those versions in co-op.”

While some may consider this a insignificant issue, I happen to think it is absurd. Not being able to play a game online with others from around the world will most likely crush the multiplayer aspect for Australia, which is a darn shame.

What are your thoughts on the incompatibility  issue? Do you care? Let me know in the comments below.