Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition Review


At least give me a little more health..?

Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition is the 9th installment of the Mortal Kombat series, revisiting the story from the third and fourth installments of the series.¬†The voice acting and dialogue won’t win any awards, that’s for sure, and some of it is notably cringe worthy but we’re certainly provided with an entertaining (although small, thin story line) adventure. Apart from the fact that you’re put into painfully frustrating ‘two vs. one’ battles and pitted against an insanely over powered final boss fight, I found it quite enjoyable for what’s been provided.

Everything has been left just the way you remember it, each character having the standard four attack buttons¬† (light and strong kick’s and punch’s), and in addition to the usual sets of special moves, each fighter has his or her own unique combos. In saying that, when I first started playing the controls felt really weird and I kept jumping instead of moving forward or back, the problem here was that I was trying to use the analog stick which seemed to be super sensitive, but trying to use the D-Pad it’s not sensitive enough and also slightly wonky.. I’m not going to lie, but I feel like the PS3 controller would have won the battle here, but it’s easy enough to get used too after a couple of matches.


Welcome to Hell, please enjoy your stay.

The graphics in this game are nothing short of amazing, it’s a throwback to the classic Mortal Kombat we know and love but with a current-gen polish to make it feel fresh and new. Visually I have nothing bad to say about this game, every thing from the characters to the different arenas were absolutely amazing, my all time favourite arena being ‘Hell’, it’s just so damn bad ass! And let’s not forget the fatalities, which do not disappoint in the slightest (maybe even a little too impressive sometimes), some of them were a little over board I will say that, but that’s exactly what you expect in a Mortal Kombat title, completely over the top, limb ripping, skull shattering finishers. Some of the fatalities were laughable, but the one in particular which made my stomach turn was Kung Lao’s fatalitie where he saws the opposition in half with his hat, that one got to me for some reason.

Komplete Edition gives you four additional characters (blind fighter Kenshi, lady ninja Skarlet, man ninja Rain, and Nightmare on Elm Street star Freddy Krueger and if you purchase the PS3 version you get God of Wars star Kratos). Other than Krueger, none of the these fighters do a lot to stand out, but are all well rounded characters and if used in the right way can pack quite a wallop, like any character. Additionally to these four characters you also get the ‘Klassic Skins’ which includes 15 Klassic skins and their klassic fatalities.

Did I also mention that there’s a new addition of ‘X-Ray’ moves? Mortal Kombat have added a ‘super meter’ which builds up to three levels as you fight, defend, or get absolutely slaughtered by your opponent. The first level allows you to use super charged versions of your character’s special attacks, combo breakers use two levels of your super meter and the last (and best), is the ‘X-Ray’ move, each character has a different one and these moves can save you from certain death and earn you the win!


Rib Breaker!

When the ‘X-Ray’ move is played the screen darkens and the camera zooms in on the action, exposing breaking bones and tearing muscles of the character on the receiving end. You will see everything from skulls shattering, ribs breaking, to organs rupturing as the moves slow right down to show the full effect. A few times I found myself watching in absolute horror as bones broke before my eyes (ouch!), but they’re quite satisfying to execute, and if you time it right, turning the tides of battle into your favour for the win.

NetherRealm has also added a new ‘tag team’ mode which pits teams of two against each other. I found this to be one of the most enjoyable additions, and it’s a truly awesome addition, each character gets his or her own tag combos for you to master (which can be increasingly annoying to play against), this was the mode I spent the most time in, playing with my step brother and trying to advance as far as we could was an absolute blast. Up to four players can participate in tag battles, which would be great for some party-style fun!


Huge I tells ya!

There’s also a ‘Challenge Tower’ mode with about 300 different tests which all put your true Mortal Kombat skills to the test (no spamming here, folks), and we have also been provided with the classic ‘Krypt’ which has a TON of unlockables, and I mean a TON. The map for the graveyard of unlockables is huge and when I first entered the ‘Krypt’ I thought it was just the first few graves in front of me, oh how I was very wrong. The ‘Krypt’ seems to have an endless supply of alternate costumes, concept art, and more. ‘Krypt’ items are unlocked via coins earned through-out most gaming modes including the story and the Challenge Tower, you also earn coins for performing fatalities and combos so it doesn’t take that long to save up a wad of coins and go on a spending spree in the ‘Krypt’.

For fans of fighting games and Mortal Kombat, it’s definitely worth picking up, everything about this game was just awesome and the nostalgia it provides alone is well worth it, and due to it’s late release in Australia it’s also selling for a very low price. I see no reason to look past thing bargain, folks!