Dead Island: Riptide Review


He looks friendly.. Enough..

Dead Island: Riptide is the sequel to Dead Island, beginning right at the end of the first game, the four survivors land on an aircraft carrier after escaping their island prison.. And then are immediately taken into custody by the ADF and Frank Serpo to be tested and find out why they are all immune to this strange virus. The ship is then over run by zombies and crashes, and you are washed up on the island of Palanai and must find a way off before the government nukes the whole island. With a lot more of the orginal zombies from the first Dead Island and a few new enemies, such as the Drowner zombie which plays dead in the water until you walk past and it grabs you (this scared the crap out of me the first time), Wrestlers, Grenadiers and the Screamer which stuns the survivor in place (that can be quite annoying when there’s a whole horde after you).

dead island

Just a little closer..

The first few hours of playing Riptide were quite fun (besides the lack of any in depth story), I really enjoyed throwing knives at zombies who had decided to charge at me, and creating different kinds of weapons were quite cool. But the novelty wore off very quickly and I found myself struggling to keep playing, there’s only so many zombies and collection quests you can do all on your lonesome.

I branched out into multi-player and the fun began, collection quests didn’t seem to take as long and taking on a butt ton of zombies was fun again because there was the team work factor in there. My main problem with this game is the fact that it was pretty much exactly the same as Dead Island, and Riptide just felt like a large DLC that sells for $68, a lot of the problems that were in the first one weren’t really addressed in this one and I would’ve liked them to branch out a little more with their content, but I do understand that it’s hard to do the zombie genre differently and actually show us something completely different so for what Dead Island is, it’s not too bad.

An honorable mention would have to go to the voice acting of Purna. Man, the amount of times I found myself laughing at that Australian accent and the things she would say, absolutely hilarious!

dead island 2

More collecting? Really?

The graphics are good but nothing spectacular, I did have a little bit of lag but I’m not sure if that was the actual game or just my computer reminding me it’s time for an upgrade. Compared to Dead Island the graphics are about the same, I personally didn’t notice anything super different. The island of Banoi was a lot more open with more area between your destinations and I can see that by doing that they were trying to put the player into more dangerous situations but I also thought that this would enable them to put in more short cuts back to your main quest location but alas, this was unfortunately not true. So we’re back to the hack and slash your way through everything, collect things, save people etc. A whole lot of repetition.

I honestly haven’t finished this game and I’m not sure if I will, the Dead Island series really hasn’t appealed to me despite the fact that I’m an avid fan of all things zombie related and I thought I would give it the benefit of the doubt with Riptide, thinking that maybe they’d surprise me with something different. But the continuous repetition is just too pain staking to go through and the story is lacking, the only thing that has appealed to me through the game so far is the ability to upgrade and create new weapons and being able to chop up zombies.

If you’re going to buy this game, I highly suggest you get a friend or two in on it as well and wait for a price drop, other wise you’re going to have a pretty average time and you’re going to feel like you’ve wasted your money.