Blood Dragon Review


I really don’t know where to begin with Blood Dragon…  It’s a brilliant, action packed, 80’s fuelled explosion fest. And that’s just how I want it! When you get down to it, Blood Dragon is really just Farcry 3 with a neon coat of paint. While it’s not a bad thing, it does also suffer from some of the downfalls of Farcry.


You play as the fantastically named Cyber-Commando, Sgt. Rex Power Colt, sent on a high priority mission to stop the evil ex-Cyber-Commando Sloan, who wants to destroy the world… as all 80s action super-villains did. Do I need to continue or have I convinced you to play this yet?  Fine…


Future Bow, Why? Neon thats why! Yeah, Neon is the future!

If you have played Farcry 3 then there isn’t much I can say about the base game-play that you wouldn’t already know, it’s the little things that make Blood Dragon special. For example, while the Chain Takedown ability works exactly the same, it’s the fact that you are doing it with a neon-purple blade and can follow it up with an ultra-Ninja Shuriken attack to take out a cyborg that is just too far away. Or that feeling you get when you unlock the laser rifle upgrade for your Fazertron and it makes a very satisfying pew-pew sound when you shoot.


They also made the game freaking hilarious! From the first moment of actual game-play that has you in a helicopter, using a laser mini-gun to mow down a whole garrison worth of enemies, all while you have some Little Richard playing in the back ground. Right up until the end when you are riding a Laser Battle Dragon to raid the compound where Sloan is hiding. They even slip a fantastically 80’s epic training montage.


See the red glow… that means he is angry.

Much like its source material, Blood Dragon will have you liberating compounds, hunting cyber-wildlife and scouring the island for various trinkets and do-dads. While it may only be about five campaign missions long, there are plenty of bonus missions to keep you busy. You will be hunting extra strong versions of the wildlife, such as the elusive Horned Blood Dragon and rescuing kidnapped scientists.


I must take a second and mention the Blood Dragons. Giant dinosaur/dragons covered in neon patches that determine if they are aggressive or not, if they are blue they have not noticed you, but if they are red… GET OUT OF THE WAY!!! Why??? Because, they shoot freaking Lasers from their eyes!!! They are deadly early on, but become more of a nuisance later on when you unlock the explosive rounds and semi-auto features for the Kobracon sniper rifle.


The Kobracon. The best weapon a game has ever had!

Blood Dragon also has a fantastic electro soundtrack from the amazing Power-Glove. It sets the mood perfectly and really gets you pumped for mass cyborg genocide. The sound effects for the weapons are just amazing too, I was particularly fond of the bolt action sound of the Kobracon and the pew-pew laser sounds of the Fazertron and Terror 9000 mini-gun.


But, regardless of how much fun it is to play, it is short… very short. Which may be a good thing as it would get old very quickly. But this also gives it almost zero replay-ability. It is defiantly one of those games that you play and have a total blast! But then you shelf it for a few months and forget about it only to pick it up again and experience it all over again!