A Game of Dwarves Review


Minecraft + Sims + Beards + Awesomeness = A Game of Dwarves.


One of the latest games from the powerhouse known as Paradox Interactive is A Game of Dwarves. This review would have been out earlier, but I got too addicted to the game. So sue me.


You get put in charge of your very own Dwarven Clan and left to grow into a prosperous utopia of amazing underground cathedrals, booming economy and lots of beards. Even the baby dwarves have beards! With a grand single player campaign or the ability to run custom games, you must mine materials for building and gold/silver to purchase some items such as plants to keep your dwarves’ bellies full.


Don’t be fooled by other RTS games that require you to build up an economy to survive and advance. This game is not the simplest and can be quite difficult to get your clan growing at the start. There is no standard passive income (however this can be unlocked late game as you progress down the research tech-tree) so in order to get currency, you must set out and mine for gold, silver and platinum. Another way to earn money is to start a decent sized wood farm and sell your excess wood in the market to the main dwarven city, Hemfort (this is where you can sell/buy products and order more dwarves) but, of course, the buy/sell prices do not work to your advantage. The best way is to do what dwarves do best. Dig! You need some Dragonforce to level up that soldier? Start digging. Need some more materials for your research? Start digging. Need some… Well, you get the idea.


There is so much more to this game than just digging for all those juicy minerals though. Being careful you don’t hit a cavern full of goblins that will then invade your underground city you worked so hard to build and destroy everything is something you need to keep an eye out for. This is where your soldiers come in to play. Making sure you level up your warriors by building training dummies for them to bash means the difference between life and death. You can start with basic soldiers, but as you progress down a specific path on the tech-tree, you can go from spear throwers to crossbow snipers, grenadiers, berserkers and something that is more armour than it is dwarf called an immortal.


This is a bit of a public service announcement from a personal experience. There are other dangers with mining other than goblins and spiders. You have to keep a close eye on all the dwarves in your clan (except your prince, he just sleeps on his throne and eats), from your farmers to your miners. Miners are dwarves too, so they need to eat and sleep. If they are out and about, they will venture back to your city (or the nearest outpost you have built) to eat and sleep. However, if they are busy digging out a big hole to bring you back some riches and you have forgotten to build ladders for them to climb out with so they can go eat… well… Rest In Peace, Frank and Anakin.


There is a lot in this game that you can easily lose yourself in for hours. Making your place look pretty, not only for your pleasure, but to keep your dwarves happy too, to setting out on epic mining ventures, you will end up realizing that you have just lost half of your day!


Sadly though, there are a few points to the game which need some touchups. Graphical glitches for one, as well as I found it difficult to minimize the game without it freezing up my computer. Most of the gameplay is really fun and it isn’t so simple that they hold your hand through the whole game. Also, Paradox have done what Paradox do best and have included a large amount of pop-culture references.


Overall, this game was lots of fun and I know it will continue to keep me entertained for quite some time. I do highly recommend picking up this game. And with such a low price tag, you would be stupid not to!

A Game of Dwarves walks away with a solid 8/10 from me.