2012 AGGN Australian Gaming Awards Nominations


It’s that time again. We had a huge response last year with our Gaming Entertainer awards, so by popular demand, we have expanded this year!


We are calling forth the gaming community of Australia to nominate people, games and businesses for specific categories that are listed below. You can either nominate someone on their behalf, or you can even nominate yourself or your own business! You can nominate more than one person/business for each category and once we have all our nominations in, we will open up the voting.


This is being focused on Australia, so Australian gaming entertainers, businesses in Australia etc will only be accepted. Get behind your favourites! The categories are listed below.



Gaming Entertainer of the Year – This is the category for those folks who stick it out to entertain us. Be it a webcast, YouTube series, live stream, TV show or Podcast. Though Australia may be behind in gaming, there are stilll those who strive to bring it up to scratch with their entertaining ways. All nominees must reside within Australia, targeting an Australian market.

Indie Developer of the Year – Indie games. We love them. We have some very talented developers in Australia and they deserve recognition. This is nominating the developers, not individual games.

Game of the Year – The best game of the year. It is the one thing that everyone strives to win in awards. Australia, voice your opinion on what title you think deserves to be nominated for Game of the Year.

Hardware Developer of the Year – Be it computer components such as motherboards and graphics cards, all the way to keyboards and mice. We wouldn’t be able to pwn noobs without these amazing hardware developers. Nominees do not need to be based in Australia, but their products must be available to the Australian market.

Best Product of the Year – Which product from your favourite hardware and peripheral developers has made you stand back in amazement? Nominate that product for Product of the Year. The product must be available to the Australian market.

Gamer of the Year – pro-gamers need some lovin’ too. Nominate your idols for our Gamer of the Year award. With all nominations in this category, please include their gamer name as well as their real name or a link to their gameplay/YouTube channel if available.

Internet Cafe of the Year – Where we all go when we are capped, feeling a little social or when we ‘go to uni’. Internet Cafes have it hard, so let’s show them some support.



Please use the form below to send your nominations. Please remember to outline which category each nomination is for. Eg. “AGGN nominated for Awesomest of the Year”.

You may also include a small description on why they deserve to be nominated.

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