Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Review


It was November 1, 2000 Sierra Entertainment and Valve released a game called Counter-Strike. Just under 12 years later the latest of the long line of Counter-strike games has been released. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. If you have ever played a FPS on PC then more likely than not you have heard of and played one of the Counter Strike games, of which the most popular is Counter Strike Source.

Global Offensive is a tribute to the original Counter Strike Source with very little being changed in gameplay and style in the game. For those who haven’t played the game CS offers a unique experience where skill plays a large part with abilities seen in newer games not available such as aim  down iron sights or being able to run away when being shot. These unique features have transcended across to Global Offensive with no changes to the underlying game mechanics. Valve has stuck to its guns with this down to keeping the same maps from original Counter Strike Source with slight modifications to keep the vets thinking.

Even with sticking to the original game there has been some advancement to bring the game up to a new level. These are as follows:

Game Modes:

Arms Race – This mode is similar to gun game in other FPS franchises where you advance through guns as you get kills with each. This ends in players needing a knife kill to win the game. To help with this the maps for this are small and generally multi-layered as to promote better awareness of surroundings so you don’t get shot from above or below.
Demolition – This game mode is slightly different to the standard defuse or rescue hostages as it uses the similar gun advancement as arms race. Also the maps are smaller so it is more focused on a single point.


While at first glance the maps just look as though they have had their graphics updated a lot more thought has gone into them. For those that are familiar with the maps one of the main ones is de_dust, this has the small change of introducing a passageway from under the over bridge to the top. This effectively changes how to play that map with only a small alteration. On top of the modifications to existing maps there are a number of new maps for the new game modes. These allow for the vets of the game to learn new maps and rethink the old ones.

While these changes add a bit of variety to the game it is essentially just strike with upgrades. To in the style that valve is they released it at about the same price as a current FPS DLC pack ($15 USD). This alone would be a fair enough reason to buy the game but with everything else that has been tweaked and added Counter Strike Global Offensive is a great game that carries on the CS name with style.