OzComicCon writeup!


So, Oz Comic Con Melbourne was on just last weekend, and as a lucky little writer, I got the opportunity to go with a Media pass.

So, what happened there? Well for those of you who didn’t attend, you did manage to avoid some spectacular lines. For the first running of the event, the organisers were rather unprepared for the sheer numbers of attendees, thus leaving us with something of a crowding problem.

The official number hasn’t been revealed, but Oz Comic Con organisers say just shy of 40,000 attendees came over the weekend, and that caused quite an issue for the MCEC (Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Center) who had to close doors at certain times of the day for health and safety issues (sheer swarm of peoples).

Still, I did rather enjoy my time at the convention, with lots of people cosplaying, panels and booths for assorted companies. Let’s go into each of these things.


Panels: I attended just one on Saturday, which was the Panel with Sean Maher (Simon Tam from Firefly/Serenity), in which the audience got to ask any number of questions about various shows/movies and real life situations that Sean had been in, which proved to be very interesting.

Not surprisingly, the open panel for Stan Lee, was packed to the brim, from what I saw it was going very swimmingly, with a great deal of applause.


Booths:  So, the most crowded area was the area around all the traders booths. Booths from many stores from common (Game Traders who you can see everywhere) to much more rare (New Melbourne Browncoats), and vendors from an international level (Wacom) were there showing their wares. Wacom were showing off an interactive tablet/screen, which makes me want one, super bad. Seems like a superior way of doing art and design, rather than hoping for a decent space relation between your tablet and screen. The downside to the booths is you enter with a lot of money, and leave with pretty much nothing…. A mistake this writer surely didn’t make………. *cough*


Cosplayers: There were a lot of cosplayers at the event. People were of varying quality for their costumes, some were mediocre at best, however more were spectacular. I won’t speak too much about these cosplayers, however I do have a batch of photos for you, there’s one or two of me in there, one is really shaky unfortunately, my brother doesn’t have a very good grip on my phone when he takes photos, which is a shame, as the Harley Quinn I was with in the photo was immaculate XD.


Anyway, for the few downsides people experienced, such as not being allowed in at certain times due to overcrowding etc, the staff at Oz Comic Con have taken on board, and tend to remedy for next year, for Melbourne it will be held at the Royal Exhibition Center in Carlton, which is apparently meant to be much bigger so fans shouldn’t have as big of a problem fitting in. I’m personally really looking forward to it!.


And now the photos from the event, mine for now, due to an error with Windows Live Mail, photos from Freeza will be added when I get them and the client isn’t a pain -.-