Razer Tiamat 7.1 Review


The Razer Tiamat 7.1 gaming headset had surely created a lot of hype by being the world’s first true 7.1 surround sound gaming headset. They are selling out faster than they can make them and we here at AGGN have been lucky enough to take a closer look at one to tell you all if it is truly worth all this excitement.


One thing that you will notice with the Tiamat 7.1, along with all of Razer’s high end products, is that the packaging is outstanding. When asked what I thought of it at the time, I simply had to explain it as a nerdgasm. You can check out the unboxing photos I took here. Now, when it came to setting up the Tiamat 7.1 headset, I had it all plugged in and it sounded OK. Of course, OK just didn’t seem right for such a beast. After updating the drivers on my dedicated 7.1 compatible sound card the quality went from OK to god damn mind blowing. Keep this in mind if you ever happen to get the Tiamat 7.1 headset and the sound is OK or satisfactory, because you’re doing it wrong until your mind is blown.


The surround sound from the Tiamat 7.1 comes from the 10 discrete drivers, so 5 in each ear piece, for the sub woofer, front, rear, center and side speakers. The soft-touch leatherette ear cushions are replaceable and made for comfort and a snug fit for extended play, but unfortunately this is not the case for people with larger ears. Sadly, if you suffer from large-ear-itis like me, wearing the Tiamat for an extended period of time may cause some irritation on the back of your ear. Apart from that though, it is a very comfortable headset to wear and blocks out all other noises (sorry doorbell, can’t hear you, pwning noobs).


Hidden in the headphones is the retractable microphone. It slips away perfectly and easily pulls out and can be angled to your mouth nice and quickly. To test the quality, I spent a lot of time on TeamSpeak 3 while gaming with friends and constantly asking for feedback. The general consensus is that it sounded good and clear, although it sounded like I was talking behind a pop filter. Now that isn’t a bad thing, it is just a very different sound to most headset microphones that you would hear.


Following down the braided cable, we reach the control unit which is quite a marvelous little piece. Giving you the options to simply adjust each speaker volume, the microphone volume, switch from 7.1 to stereo and easily mute the microphone is very handy to have. It also includes a button to switch between the headset and speakers which I am a fan of.


Of course, we need to know what the quality is like in-game; after all it is a gaming headset. It is simply amazing. I played many genres of games with the Tiamat 7.1 to get a good idea and it performed very well. Especially in FPS games, I wouldn’t be able to survive without the Tiamat (literally wouldn’t be able to survive as people would be sneaking up on me all the time). Explosions and shotgun blasts literally rocked my head and the true 7.1 sound gave me the ability to easily track down my targets and react faster than I would usually be able to. Some say that the quality is terrible and some 5.1 headsets on the market out perform the Tiamat 7.1, but having TRUE 7.1 in such a confined space is a hard task and Razer have pulled it off with flying colours while still maintaining good sound for games.


The Tiamat 7.1 has practically been listed as ‘out of stock’ on the razerzone site since release and after dealing with this headset first hand, I can see why. Some people may see the price as expensive, but for quality as good as this, I think it is actually a very reasonable price. Of course it is a no brainer that if you do not have a dedicated 7.1 compatible sound card, do not get the 7.1 version as it will only do 2.0, so go for the 2.2 version of the Tiamat.  My only let down with this headset (and I mean the ONLY let down) is the fact that it does cause some irritation for larger eared people, so I can’t give it a perfect score. Of course, I can easily see why other people would give this amazing piece of gaming technology a perfect score, so although I can’t personally give it full stars (I’ll get as close as possible), I can happily award the Razer Tiamat 7.1 true surround sound gaming headset Albert’s Official Seal of Awesome.


Well done Razer. Wear it with pride.