Killing Floor


Killing Floor is a Zombie Apocalypse First Person Shooter, with big guns and a variety of enemies this is in my opinion, one of the greatest zombie survival game ever.

Killing Floor takes place in multiple locations from the offices of Horzine to the inner areas of Aperture Science. Yes you heard me, Aperture Science. Killing Floor has a wide variety in its gameplay utilising ‘Perks’ with a different skill set from the rough ‘n’ tumble to the pyromanic players there a class for everyone.

Berserker: The Berserker is the melee specialist of the team, and as such is almost always on the front line beating back the horde. His focus is entirely on melee and can effectively use the Knife, Machete, Fire axe, Katana, Claymore and Chainsaw in place of firearms. The Berserker generally takes some practice to function effectively, but in the hands of a skilled player it serves a vital role in cutting down the bulk of specimens, and absorbing the brunt of damage off of the rest of the team.

Commando: The commando generally serves as the eyes of the squad. His ability to see the specimens’ health bars and detect cloaked enemies at range makes him effective at preventing foes from sneaking up on the team, especially in dark areas. By reading the specimens’ health bars, the commando can gauge the best time for the team to coordinate its attacks on more dangerous targets.

Firebug: The Firebug is primarily a supporting class, specialising in mob control. His main task is to ignite groups of specimens early to help thin out the smaller zeds, while softening up larger targets and making them easier to deal with. To accomplish this, the Firebug utilises fire-based damage, receiving bonuses for the flamethrower, MAC-10, and Husk fireball launcher. For all of the three weapons, the Firebug is given a damage bonus of up to 60%, a discount of up to 70%, increased ammo capacity of up to 60%, and faster reload speed (with the exception of the Husk fireball launcher, which doesn’t reload).

Demolition: The Demolitions expert, colloquially known as the Demo, is the team’s heavy supporting class, specialising in explosives. He can inflict extremely high amounts of damage upon crowds and large specimens at long range, but is less effective against specimens in close proximity and the cost of explosives is relatively steep.

Sharpshooter: The Sharpshooter specialises in long-range weaponry and headshots. This role focuses on the more dangerous threats to the front lines and picks them off with superior accuracy and damage. A sharpshooter can generally be found at the back of a team.

Support Specialist: The Support specialist, colloquially known as the Support, is usually a key member of a good squad. He typically either holds the front line, attacking the majority of specimens, or assumes the more passive role of maintaining the weld on doors. The Support specialist can output a large amount of damage at close range, generally carries the heavier weapons of the squad’s arsenal, primarily the Shotgun, Hunting shotgun, Combat Shotgun, and AA12.

Field Medic: The field medic, commonly known as the medic, excels in healing injured players. This perk receives bonuses for the the MP7M medic gun and the MP5M medic gun, as well as bonuses for the combat armour. The medic is generally positioned in the middle or back of the team.

With varying enemies you must use all these perks to survive these enemies are – Clot: the basic infected, Gorefast: the second basic infected, Crawler: the third basic infected  (Human X Spider), Stalker: invisible and sneaky, Bloat: A large puss filled character who explodes on death, Siren: A zombie in a straight jacket that screams at a high frequency (Oh Joyous for us headphone users), Husk: a genetic mutation with a fireball thrower attached to his arm, Scrake: Big mean bugger with a chainsaw not to be messed with, Fleshpound: This thing you do not touch unless you have a lot of firepower and I mean A LOT. Then the Patriarch is the big bad boss of all this showing up after 5/7/10/15 wounds (depending on difficulty).

Personally this game has given me so many great hours of gameplay that I keep going back and plying it non stop it is exquisite in texturing and level design is brilliant overall a great game and always going on sale on Steam.