Counter Strike: Global Offensive


Counter Strike: Global Agenda has overall been brilliant in every way. From getting a double kill in Demolition and throwing that free grenade, to being utterly humiliated by the hardest rated bots. After playing it for the most part of the Beta after receiving it from Machinima I found this game to be quite the Sequel to Counter Strike: Source. Overall better graphics and stunning gameplay are just the beginning.

For those of you who haven’t played any of the here’s the basic breakdown of the game background. You are able to take the role of either Terrorists or Counter Terrorists. These 2 teams consist of 5 players where the main idea of the game is for the Terrorists – to plant the bomb at either bomb site Alpha or Bravo and the objective for the Counter Terrorists is to disarm said bomb.
The only other way to win the game is by eliminating the opposing team.

With the Counter Strike series there really isn’t that much of a story line as much as –“The terrorists are bad so we have kill them!” or “They will stop our efforts for world peace! Kill them all!” so in the sense of storyline for this game it is what you’d expect of any FPS of this generation.

After CS: S The HUD and graphics have been drastically upgraded from there being no character select and the buy screen now a giant circle with sections for each weapon type. Now all isn’t that bad with this system after looking at it, I found that it was just a much ‘cleaner’ look with everything clearly displayed and easy to find whatever you need.

Updates in gameplay have been a great welcome from the fans as they added the one thing all the fans wanted – Gun Game, now you are able to play on close quarters maps with the fun of gaining that level every time your bullets manage to find their shiny skulls. In-game there have been many additions of new guns such as for example a Sawn off Shotgun most of the old guns are still there such as the FAMAS the AK-47 and the M4.

Graphic wise with CS: GO you might want to either think about upgrading to at least a 1GB graphics card to fully enable stunning visuals as well as smooth frame rates, personally I upgraded to NVIDIA GT430 which has provided me seamless frame rates and able to keep up with the visuals. Seeing as it is only in its beta stages thus far I can only expect much greater moments from what I have classified as a great step forward for this gaming series and in

Overall this game looks to be a very great and promising game for when it finally becomes released to the public, as for it being F2P or store bought I cannot say. So for a final summary of Counter Strike: Global Offensive I say this: The graphics are elegant with vibrant lighting and extremely smooth textures, gameplay has been drastically upgraded with the insertion of a the 2 new game types and last but not least this game for me is a great follow up to Counter Strike: Source.