Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Stealth Edition


The Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Stealth Edition is more than just a pain to say in casual conversation, it is the latest addition to the BlackWidow family at Razer and is exclusive to the RazerStore. Many people, including myself, wonder what is so different between the Stealth Edition and the normal one and is it worth the extra cash to get.


First thing you will realise is that the BlackWidow Ultimate Stealth Edition has a nice matte finish to the keyboard, which is something Razer is fond of doing (they release matte/gloss versions of mice etc). Most people think that the Stealth Edition is going to be completely silent, well, it’s not. It is far from it in my personal opinion, but the changes are that they have gotten rid of the ‘clicky’ noise and it is now more of a ‘clanky’ noise. How they changed this is by exchanging the keyswitches in the keyboard. The original version uses Cherry MX Blue keyswitches, while the Stealth Edition uses Cherry MX Browns. A quick Google search will give you more information on these key types if you wish to look further into it. One thing that everyone asks for is a direct comparison between the keyboards, so we are working on a video review of this keyboard which will be released soon that will have a side-by-side view of the original and the Stealth Edition so you can hear exactly how loud they both are in both a typing and a gaming situation, but that video will come soon so keep an eye out for it. Since they have changed the keyswitches, the actuation force has gone from 50g to 45g. This may seem small, but is still that slight less actuation force (the force needed to push to key down) than the original BlackWidow Ultimate.

Going from the typical dome keyboards that most people use today (non-mechanical keyboards are mostly dome keyboards) the change was a little weird to get use to at the start. However, a quick game session later and I was surprisingly already use to the new mechanical feel and began to prefer it. Hell, my typing speed has also increased in this keyboard, which is always a little plus when I need to type out these reviews.

The other stand-out features of this keyboard are also available in the standard edition of the BlackWidow Ultimate. These being the 1000Hz Ultrapolling, 1ms response time, the backlit keys with 5 levels of lighting, the extreme anti-ghosting (the standard version states it has gaming optimized key matrix for minimized  ghosting, so guessing the Stealth has better anti-ghosting? Either way, I haven’t seen any ghosting) and the 5 macro keys and on-the-fly macro recording which is very mind blowing. Other little handy things like the audio-out/mic-in jacks and the USB-passthrough are handy to have right there, but I feel they may have been a little better on the left or at the back, rather than the right hand side poking towards your mouse.

Ok crunch time. This is an amazing keyboard and is a pleasure to use. Having no dislikes with this keyboard when writing this review made me feel like I had missed something. All the features are great and handy to have, the feel is amazing and even the weight of it (sits at 1.5KG) make it feel like a sturdy keyboard for both typing and hardcore gaming. Now, as this keyboard is exclusive to the Razer Store, is it worth the extra cash? It is a fine line. It does have a sleek look, the keys sound good and the changed keyswitches does make it feel nice, so this writer says if you are shopping for the best (hence the reason you are looking at the BlackWidow Ultimate) then yes, this is worth it. This keyboard is so amazing I can’t help but give it full marks, a big 5/5 and award it the Albert Seal of Awesome. Bravo, Razer. Bravo.